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Brad Zupp: Speaker, Memory Athlete and Author

Watch a recent presentation! Brad’s fun, animated speaking style drew this group together as they learned how memory works, the Steps to Remembering, the Three Keys to Remembering Anything, enjoyed a feat of memory, and still had time to exercise their memories and impress themselves with their new-found skills.

Why a Presentation About Memory

The solution to beating the competition, impressing current clients, and proving to prospects that you are clearly the better choice: a better memory.

  • It has universal appeal – everyone is interested in remembering better, everyone has walked into a room and wondered, “What did I need from here?”


  • It’s unique – not another motivational speech that your participants will quickly forget or dismiss.


  • It’s amazing – seeing a long random number memorized in seconds, or seeing how easily everyone’s name and face has been memorized, leaves people talking for days to come.


  • It’s inspirational – we often just need to see what is possible to inspire us to take the first step to our own incredible achievements.


  • It’s hot – brain health is a hot topic and will be for years to come.




Brad’s speeches are inspiring and energetic, and his workshops are interactive and lively. Everything is designed to motivate and to produce immediate memory improvement. Participants see positive results in every area of their lives, both business and personal.

By providing one of Brad Zupp’s memory presentations:

  • Employees can be more productive – increasing the company’s bottom line
  • Salespeople learn to demonstrate how much they truly care, building better relationships by remembering client names, details about children, hobbies, and more, thereby getting more sales and referrals
  • Service employees show how important customers are by remembering their names, drink or dining preferences, favorite colors, etc. Customers go where they feel valued, known and remembered
  • Employers demonstrate that their employees are important by providing timely, entertaining educational content about mental fitness; employees that feel valued are more productive and harder working
Brad Zupp Memorizing Cards

Brad improves his memory daily and can currently memorize a shuffled deck of playing cards in 68 seconds. In December, 2013 he memorized 11 decks of shuffled playing cards in a row in one hour - with perfect recall.

Your group members will learn:

  • How to easily and instantly have a better memory.
  • The 3 steps to what we commonly call “remembering”.
  • The 3 simple keys to unlocking their amazing memory.
  • How to keep their minds sharp, focused and nimble through the stress of the work environment.
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Every presentation combines an exciting blend of amazing memory feats and valuable educational content about memory and the mind.

Entertaining memory demonstrations can include (based on time, audience size and audience interests/needs:

  • Memorizing the names and faces of audience members
  • Memorizing an audience-provided 40 digit random number (in only seconds!)
  • Memorizing a shuffled deck of playing cards (while involving the audience in the process)
  • Recalling a memorized current weekly or monthly magazine (which can be the most recent issue of your trade publication)
  • Memorizing a series binary numbers (i.e. 0110010110001101000110…)
  • Other demonstrations tailored to your group’s needs, interests and the length of the program

Brad set a USA record at the World Memory Championship by memorizing numbers that were spoken out loud at the rate of one per second.

What you do not get :

  • Drama. Bringing Brad in to speak to your group means you can rest easy.
    With over 25 years as a full-time, professional entertainer and speaker for groups of all ages and walks of life, Brad has learned to go with the flow and put the audience first. Last minute changes and issues occasionally creep into even “the best laid plans.” No worries! The last thing you need is a demanding, drama-filled speaker! The show goes on, the audience comes first, and everything works out fine with a pro on your side.
  • Worry. There is absolutely no risk to you.
    As you consider hiring a speaker, you’re probably wondering, “Will this presentation be any good?” First of all, yes, the speeches and workshops are entertaining and informative. Your audience will love them! Second, if you’re not satisfied, your money will be promptly refunded.
  • Concerns. This presentation will be right for your group.
    Brad is committed to only win-win solutions, and will not book a presentation for a group that he doesn’t think his presentation will be perfect for. You know your audience, Brad knows his presentations; contact Brad by filling out the form below (or calling) to discuss the details. Together, you can figure out if it’s a good fit
Next, fill in a few details and start a conversation to create an event your group will never forget!

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Brad’s Background


Brad’s mission is to

Teach people that memory can be improved – and how to do it.

Entertain audiences while they learn.

Amaze people with memory demonstrations that show what a trained memory can accomplish.

Motivate everyone in the audience to take actions to improve their memory.

Bring Brad’s TEAM and your team together, and create an event they’ll never forget!

For over 25 years, Brad Zupp has been on stage speaking to audiences and entertaining people of all ages and from all walks of life. In the early 1990s he discovered memory techniques, which helped him quickly learn to speak Japanese, to the amazement of his friends, colleagues, audiences, and even himself.

For years afterwards, he used memory techniques in daily life, but still had difficulty remembering phone numbers and names.

In 2007, he threw himself into the techniques again improve his ability to compete in the USA Memory Championships. Since then he has refined the techniques and has created a unique, simple way to explain to others how to improve memory.

He has combined his decades of performing experience with memory demonstrations to create enjoyable, entertaining yet informative presentations to help both individuals and businesses improve their bottom lines. He is passionate about brain health, avoiding age-related memory loss, training his memory and helping others accomplish all they choose to. He is also an active participant in ‘sport’ of competitive memorizing and is on the front-lines of the study and improvement of memory.


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